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This threshold is the best replacement for INSWINGING Pease steel doors. If you have an OUTSWINGING DOOR, please call 1-513-871-8907 to order. There are three different lengths that we have available and two different widths (some lengths do not have alternate widths and if you have a 42" door please call to order).

32"x6" (below) $39, 36"x6" $39, 72"x6" $79, 32"x8" $39, 36"x8" $39, 72"x8" $79.

 Height for all is 1 1/8" (measurements approximate as the upgraded threshold differs slightly from the stock one)

Inswinging 36"x6" Threshold

To install threshold:

First, remove the old threshold but cutting or breaking in half. Next, pull the pieces out of the jamb. Clean out the space thoroughly. Apply high quality silicon caulk to the bottom of the new threshold. Slide it into place and you're done!

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